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Journals from AUCP, Aix-en-Provence

2014-01-03 We begin to count down the days…

As the beginning of December arrived, our schedules and lives became more hectic. With Christmas, finals and our departure on the horizon, everyone is attempting to travel, see the town, see each other (all the friends we have made in France), enjoy the Christmas lights, and celebrate our time in Aix as much as we can. Oh, and study too. It has been crazy. Sometimes I lie in bed thinking about Netflix and lazy days because there is no such thing as a “lazy day” here. Yes, one always has the option to stay home and sleep on the weekend, but at this point I would feel like I was missing my last opportunities to see and live France. And, even though I am exhausted, I know I am going to miss this amazing place. The food, the people, the language, the culture and the Christmas lights will always have a place in my fondest memories. I am not sure I am ready to leave yet.

I think the next couple weeks are going to be bittersweet and fun. The school is going to have a party next week with vin chaud (hot wine) and Treize Desserts (13 Desserts) where we will look at all the art from the art class and watch the play the theatre kids have been working on all semester. All the host families and language partners are invited, and I am excited. The people who run the AUCP are so wonderful, kind and helpful. They put on these incredible events (like Thanksgiving and the party next week), and everything is beautiful and delicious. I don’t want to leave yet!! It is going to be so hard to say goodbye to these wonderful people and friends I have made while in Provence.

À Prochain,

Abigail Meckem


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