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Journals from Senegal: Francophone African Studies Minor

2013-12-08 Safari Adventure at Bandia

On the way back from Toubab Diallo, we stopped at the Bandia nature preserve and went on a safari! We took a covered truck through the brush and saw an amazing array of animals. The first animal we saw was a giraffe native to Kenya (according to my host sister who looked at the photo of it). Other animals we saw included zebras, a bunch of different breeds of gazelle, water buffalo, ostriches, crocodiles, monkeys, a different breed of giraffe and some very colorful birds. We got out of the truck at one point and were able to see, at an extremely close range, a couple of sleepy rhinos. After getting back on the truck (and picking a bunch of burrs off of our clothes) we went back to the gift store and restaurant where we saw the crocodiles be fed and then ate lunch. The monkeys were a little mischievous and grabbed a piece of a woman's pizza from the table next to us. A couple of girls bought baobab bonsei trees in the gift shop and a bunch of the group taste-tested some local liqueur. After a small break after lunch, we hopped back on the bus and back to Dakar we went! 


By: Kathleen Greaver

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