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Journals from Senegal: Francophone African Studies Minor

2013-12-08 À Toubab Diallo

This Friday we went to Toubab Diallo, which is about 40 minutes south of Dakar. The beach was wonderful and the views were amazing. We did a bunch of cool activities during the three-day trip including making batik, horseback riding, dance and drumming lessons. Batik is a process of dying fabric that includes using wax to save the color you want to stay. We drew designs on them and then chose the colors after painting on the wax. The trip was deliberately planned so that we could do a lot of what we have all been wanting to do since finals came around....relax. There were shops nearby where you can buy jewelry, fabric, leather bags and a bunch of other locally made items. The sunsets were beautiful and the entire inn area was lovely. 


By: Kathleen Greaver

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