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Journals from Kanto Gakuin University, Japan

2013-12-05 Parting with KGU

We finished up our last week of classes— the beginning of the end.

Class started later in the afternoon, which allowed everyone to sleep in and take the morning at their own pace. I was curious what was planned for my Japanese class today, since we had already finished our textbook, its chapter tests, and all in-class quizzes. As it turns out, the last day of class was spent, in part, on reviewing for the JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) on Sunday, December 1st. In my class, our review consisted of listening and reading comprehension test simulation. (And to my surprise, it went over rather well.) However, we spent the better half of the period working on posters for the farewell party.

All the American exchange students worked together to make four posters reflecting our time in Japan: words we had learned; places we had gone to; memorable (or otherwise interesting) experiences; and things in Japan we'll miss when we return to the States. It was enjoyable, if bittersweet, and set the tone for the evening; for the last time, we all met in the conference hall— our Japanese teachers, host families, and all the buddies. As one would expect from a farewell party, the evening revolved around reminiscing, food, and goodbyes. Pictures, contacts, addresses, letters, parting gifts were exchanged as everyone mingled and had a good time.

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