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Journals from Senegal: Francophone African Studies Minor

2013-12-04 À la plage

Everyone at the Baobab Center has been taking advantage of the amazing beaches here in Senegal.This is the beach at Ngor where I went with my host sister and a girl from France who is also staying with the host family. Beach trips have been fairly frequent since being here because it is very hot when you first arrive. On this trip we bought fruit from some of the vendors on the way and Ama, my host sister, brought some of her home-made juices from bouye (fruit from a baobab tree) and ditax (a local fruit) to drink and eat while there. 

Unfortunately I did not bring my camera to the island (Ngor- it’s the little bit of land you see with the houses on it in the distance). Hopefully next time I will be able to bring a camera because the view on the other side of the island is absolutely breathtaking! It’s 500 FCFA for a boat ride (about the equivalent of 1 USD) there and back. When we went to the island we trundled around small pathways in between walled-in courtyards and ate ceebu-jën and fruits de mer with the ocean lapping at our feet (seriously, how cool is that?!). After eating we swam in the ocean and I found a large piece of a conch shell. I would definitely recommend going here if you are ever in Dakar; you won’t regret it! The water is fantastic and the island side of the beach is a little bit clearer so you don't get a bunch of seaweed in your swimsuit if you go swimming. Plus you can explore an island with lots of colonial influence and natural beauty.

By: Kathleen Greaver

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