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Journals from Costa Rica

2013-11-05 How can we be leaving so soon?

Our trip in the North Region was one of the best trips so far! We experienced the natural warm springs at the bottom of the volcano as well as the mud baths that we put on our faces for our own spa day;) We visited the Malecu's, the Indigenous group in  the north region. It was an amazing experience! The local natural medicinal doctor showed us different plants and their use for different pains, stomach problems and many more. We ate a leaf of the "Anastesia" plant that numbs your mouth for mouth pains and or surgeries. We were all surprised that it actually worked! We ate a typical lunch which consisted of a whole fish, rice and beans, yuca and carrots and some homemade tea. All of which was delicious! We then had the opportunity to watch a ritual as well as  participate in the dancing! We learned some words in Malecu and had an art class with the women who make the artisans they sell for a living. This is only a snippet of the wonderful trip!

Classes are going smoothly. We had an ecology presentation which everyone rocked! We have all been spending more time with our families and enjoying how wonderful they are how lucky we are! We all feel that we are now apart of their families and we are 100% adjusted to life in CR. Of course we have to leave soon, not fair! We just have to remember where we are and that this is a life time opportunity and we have to be in the moment! Hope all is well on campus and the weather isn't too bad. We are just getting into the nicer weather here:)

-Emily Erbin

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