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Journals from Univ. of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

2013-10-26 Schools Out

             It's been a while since I last wrote, but i'ts just because I have been so busy with school ending, continuous travels, and spending my last few weeks with friends here. Lectures have been finished for two weeks now, and we have all set into the study mode of finals week, or rather weeks here. I have my first and only final this Wednesday and then I am officially done with the ‘study’ part of my study abroad experience!

            Luckily, before I had to buckle down and start studying, I had two more opportunities to explore more of the South Island. Katie and I, along with 3 other international students, went on a tramp in Arthurs Pass. It was one of the hardest hikes I have done here so far, but that was mostly because of the terrible weather changes. We had to cross a few rivers, and it was already raining, so we were wet and pretty miserable. The view at sunset was worth it, though; the beautiful landscapes and mountains here never fail to amaze me, no matter the weather.

            I also got to head out on another road trip with some of my exchange friends back down to Queenstown and Milford Sound. Queenstown was beautiful as always, and Milford Sound was like nothing I have ever seen before. The drive was amazing, because you’re traveling through enormous mountains, one right after the other. After that we continued south and got to see Slope Point, the furthest south you can go on the South Island. Then we just headed around the coast, stopping at cool points to check out the view. I also got to explore Dunedin, which is where the other large university is; it was cool to see another college town besides Christchurch. We also talked to some of the Kiwi students there, and they were all so friendly and helpful.

            I feel very accomplished with all that I have seen and done with my time here. I can now say that I have traveled the entire coastline of the South Island, and I still have time left. I think my goal for these last two weeks here is to explore more of the city of Christchurch, and go to some of the community events lined up now that the summer season is taking off. Wish me luck on my final!

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