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Journals from Univ. of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

2013-10-08 Reflection On My Time Here

 I am now entering the last week of lectures, and with every day that goes by I continue to notice that the dates are rapidly getting closer to the day that I have to return home. It’s hard for me to put down in words how much every person, place, and experience has meant to me here and I think I’m going to have a really hard time leaving.

            Just recently my Land Journeys and Ethics class took another field trip but this time to the ‘wilderness’ of Arthurs Pass. Once again, I felt as though I learned a lot, not only about classwork stuff – but also about my fellow classmates, and the country I have been exploring for the last 3 and a half months. It’s amazing how much I have grown since I stepped on that first plane to NZ, from having to run through airports to catch flights, to discovering a brand new city in a brand new country, to making friends from all over the world, to studying for school in a new culture and atmosphere, to tramping through extreme nature of a beautiful country – each experience I have had here has made me grow into an individual of this world. It’s made me discover things about myself, and others that I would not have had if I had stayed in my bubble world of Oregon.

            I guess I’m just reflecting over my experience here so far and realizing how far I’ve come in just the past few months. I’ve been having the time of my life, not even experiencing extreme homesickness because I am so content where I am in life right now. Overall, I’m just happy that I have been able to experience the world this way, and the travel bug has bit hard. I am definitely more inspired to explore not only other foreign places, but also my own home state. Although, I am glad to still have a month left here, there is still lots more to experience and learn from – and I’m looking forward to every second of it.

Halee Helgerson

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