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Journals from Senegal: Francophone African Studies Minor

2013-10-06 Avenues and Directions

Wandering around the streets of Dakar can be a little frustrating to the outsider. Roads here are often not named or marked, making finding specific places on your own next to impossible. In order to find your way around you ask people around you for directions. This is hardly surprising since Wolof, the local language that most people from Dakar speak, is an oral language and the culture is very personal. People say hello to you on the streets and you get to know your neighbors pretty well since every day that you pass them you stop to talk to them for a bit. In fact it is considered extremely rude to not say hello to someone that you pass by most days and while men will generally make the first move when it comes to introductions, after passing by the same people day after day the women will also begin to tell you hello and ask how you are doing. The road pictured is the one right outside my host family's house. To the left is the little shop where I buy water and other sundry items and to the right are some very friendly neighbors who sit outside every night when I am coming back from school. 


By: Kathleen Greaver

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