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Journals from Costa Rica

2013-09-25 And the fun continues!

Where do I start??? So much has happened in so little time! We have gotten into the swing of things with classes and I think I can say that we all love our teachers and our teachers really like us well! The classes are very interesting and it's very easy to talk with the teachers. We have taken a few dance classes from Carmen and her dance partner and we can all agree it's difficult, but very entertaining to see us try! We all had our first service project last Wednesday and we all had a wonderful time! Everyone loves their individual volunteer project and we are excited for this Wednesday!

 This last weekend we went to Manuel Antonio park. By far my favorite weekend trip we have taken! We stayed at a very cute hostel called, "The Wide Mouth Frog." We all felt very safe and we met people from Belgium and even local Oregonians! We went into the park on Friday and saw lots of monkeys, and some iguanas and even a snake! The park along with the beach was beautiful, more like breath taking! After a day at the beach we went and grabbed some lunch and walked around the town of Manuel Antonio. On Saturday we took a Catamaran and went out in the ocean to snorkel! The fish were bright blue and yellow! We were also able to go down the slide off the boat and jump off the roof of the boat! To say the least, this adventure has been are very favorite of the trip:)!

That's all for now! I will write back in a few weeks! Oh! Some of us even listened to the Linfield football game this friday! Go cats! Rootin them on all the way from CR.

-Emily Erbin

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