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2013-09-24 Good Linfield Ambassadors!

It has been close to two weeks in San Ramon and everyone has adjusted very well. We were able to participate in the festival, "Los Entrados de Los Santos" which was a week long celebration. Such a great way to start of the semester! We were immediately immersed into the culture and learned so much about the culture and history of San Ramon. We finished our first week of school last week and we all love our teachers. This weekend we went to San José and visited the Museo Nacional and the Teatro Nacional. Both were filled with great beauty and history! Saturday night we stayed in a very cute hotel, "Hotel Don Carlos" and we went out with Professor Leo and Dona Mayra for an amazing dinner. The food was delicious, by far the best dinner we have had, and we got to know Leo outside of the classroom. We shared plenty of laughs and good stories. Sunday we went to Volcán Irazú, Cartago and Orosi. In these small towns we visited Churches that had great importance and meaning to the locals.

One of the weirdest things that happened was during Sunday. When we were at the volcano there was another group of American's there. We didn't think anything about it, however we soon realized that they were visiting the exact same towns and churches as we were. Finally, when we were all eating in the same restaurant for lunch, the group approached us and we started talking. This group had students from George Fox and some of the girls had family members who go to Linfield! It really is a small world!

After the long weekend it was safe to say we were all exhausted! It does take a toll on our bodies having to walk everywhere and having to push our brain to focus everywhere we go with the spanish language. However, we all love it and are becoming more confident with our speaking abilities. Everyone seems to have amazing families and have been doing many activities to become closer to them. This morning we were able to go to a school and help the little kids make lanterns for friday which is El dia de la Independincia. Working with the children was very much fun and made me grateful for this experience!

Much has happened in only two weeks and our group is very close. I can tell this is going to be a great semester and a life changing experience! I will talk to you guys in the next to weeks, I am sure I will have plenty of stories to tell. Hope all is going well back on campus,

-Emily Erbin

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