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Journals from Beijing - China Studies Institute

2013-09-13 Ni hao Beijing!

August 31, 2013 I arrived in Beijing less than 24 hours ago and I feel like I have already accomplished so much. Taking the bus to school, visiting a grocery store, and ordering food are adventures I am content with for now. Not to mention Beijing, like, the city. It’s pretty great. I am not a city person, so that’s saying a lot. Yes, the pollution and limited recycling choices exist but it’s okay. And that’s coming from a Pacific Northwest native, so just trust me on this. Since I am in the immersion program my only class will be an all-day Chinese language course in addition to signing a pledge to speak only Chinese Monday through Friday, both in class and out. Did I mention I’ve only taken one year of Chinese? I chose to take the immersion track because I love the Chinese language and a good challenge, which, I guess, are one in the same. It is also good to know that Peking University is the top school in China. For sure my nose will be on that grindstone soon enough. For now my six roommates and I can speak English, but we are mostly talking about how quiet it will be come Monday. Also, that’s six American roommates plus a Chinese professor who lives with us to make sure that we don’t break our language pledge. It sounds a little cramped but the apartment is actually quite nice. There are four bedrooms, a kitchen, dining and living room area and it’s on the 16th floor! Erin

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