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Journals from Semester Abroad-University of Waikato New Zealand

2013-08-03 Sickness Strikes

As most people know, when you are adjusting to a new environment, there are many things that you have to adapt to, including all sorts of different germs. Yes, I hate to admit it but the nasty bug that has been going around campus finally caught me. After my weekend at the Coromandel (with two other people who were already sick), I came home a little less healthy than when I left (however still much more cheerful than I would have been otherwise because of the wonderful adventures I enjoyed while traveling). 


At first, I didn’t think my cold was too bad and was able to go on with my school week like normal. However, by the end of the week I still wasn’t getting better and was starting to get frustrated with my immune system. After running out of the Emergen-C packets I brought with me - and not being able to find any here - I felt that my body was struggling a little more than usual to fight off this bug. Lucky for me the weekend was upon me. Normally the idea of having no plans for the weekend would have been depressing but this time I was definitely looking forward to doing nothing all weekend. I literally spent two days in my room watching TV shows, sleeping and consuming cold meds. 


With small windows of breathability (thanks to pharmaceutical drugs!), I was able to go downstairs for a while and hang out with my floor mates who were getting ready for the Residence Hall Ball that was taking place Saturday night. It was basically like a big prom night sort of ball that students from each of the halls on campus could buy a ticket to to enjoy a formal night out with friends. Normally this would have been an event I would have gladly joined in on, however given my state I was happy to sit this one out. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on too much anyway, given that I attended way too many of these sort of events in high school and the getting-ready part of the day was usually more fun than the event itself. So, I helped the girls get ready for the night and then I headed back to my room for a movie and bed. By the end of the weekend, I was just barely starting to feel better. Fortunately, I have a slow day on Mondays, with just one class in the afternoon so I took advantage of my free time and rested a little more. With my body finally starting to get some energy back after some good sleep, I could finally say that I was getting over my cold... 9 days later (which in my case is a much drawn out cold!). At least it was only that long, as some of the other American international students were suffering for a couple weeks! 


Although that weekend wasn’t the best out of my time here so far, I can at least say I survived New Zealand germs without too much suffering. I guess it’s all part of the study abroad experience, right? I can check that off my NZ experiences list and move on to much more enjoyable things - like black water tubing and hiking up mountains to beautiful waterfalls. (Tune back in to hear more about these fun adventures in the beautiful country of NZ). 



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