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Journals from Univ. of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

2013-07-28 Our Victoria Park Adventure

             A few weekends ago, Katie and I had heard about a great park in the Port Hills above Christchurch called Victoria Park. So one Sunday we decided to take a day trip there! We hopped on the bus that took us to the edge of town. Once we got off we weren’t quite sure which way to head, so we asked a few locals for some directions. Everyone that I have met here has been very friendly and helpful to us! They are very willing to point us in the right direction and wish us luck! A very nice lady told us that there was another bus that would come by and take us up the hill right to the park!

            As Katie and I are walking back to the bus stop, out of nowhere comes a bird that flies straight into Katie’s side and then flies up in my face. We were pretty flustered and confused as to what kind of bird just runs into people like that! Later we were telling some of our Kiwi friends about it and we were told that it was probably a Magpie, and they’re usually attracted to shiny red things. I laughed so hard when they told us that because Katie and I were both wearing red jackets that day! Now we know to stay away from Magpies while wearing red.

            We were laughing at the whole situation as we walked back to the bus stop to catch the bus that would take us up to Victoria Park. Sure enough, the bus came, and we wandered up the huge hill and got off at the park. We ended up hiking through the trails for about two and a half hours; it took us a little over an hour to get to the very top. We stopped a lot to take pictures because it was such a diverse place! First we headed through a large grassy field, and then we found another trail that led us into a dense and thick forest with palm trees and all. Then we found a trail that reminded us a lot of home; there were tall pine trees everywhere. The top of the hike came out at a huge grassy field with lots of rocks. The view was absolutely amazing. You could see the entire city of Christchurch, along with the Southern Alps along the horizon, and the Pacific Ocean on the right. There was so much to look at from one spot on the hill! And on top of all that, it was a beautiful, warm sunny day!

            I was so excited by the amazing view, and it made me even more motivated to explore the rest of the island! This next weekend, the three of us Linfield girls (Katie, Bethany, and I) are heading to Queenstown with a few other exchange students. We can’t wait to get out of Christchurch and explore another NZ city!


Halee Helgerson

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