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Journals from Spring Univ. of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

2013-06-21 Saying Goodbye

Well it’s my last day here in New Zealand and it’s definitely a jumble of emotions. I’m super excited to go home but I’m definitely getting sadder to leave by the minute. I guess that just goes to show how great of an adventure it’s been! This experience has definitely been one of the best of my life and I am so thankful for it. The memories will last a life time and I will keep in touch with all the amazing people I’ve met here. It's hard to say goodbye but I much rather think of it as a 'see you later.' Anyway, here’s just a quick sum up of some New Zealand stuff!


“Sweet as” – awesome, cool, the best

“mean” – cool

“keen” – interested, want to  do…

“heaps” – lots, loads

“dodgy” – sketchy

“cheers” – thanks, goodbye, sincerely, lots of meanings really

 “cheeky” – being sassy

“bro” – self explanatory



Different names

“lollies” – suckers, hard candies

“confectionary” – chocolate, soft candies, marshmallows

“mince” – ground beef

“chips” – French fries



Awesome/unique things about NZ

All their rubbish bins also have recycling and compost

Sustainability in general

Their tiny light switches

Outlets you can turn off and on

Standard Drink labels

Their “go for it” attitude

The people in general (welcoming, gracious, giving, kind, personable)

How they always have police at McDonalds late at night

Hokey pokey

Meat pies

One lane bridges (not awesome but unique)

The beautiful  blue colors of the water

The road signs

Random jumble of plants and trees

Ease of getting around


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