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2013-06-11 5/31 - Classes are over!!!

May 31, 2013


Yesterday was my last day of classes at uni here in Cairns. AND THAT’S HARD TO BELIEVE! Have I really already been here for 3.5 months? I feel like I just got here…like I just left home…like I’ve finally settled in and I’m ready to get this party started! And yet I find myself with less than a month left here. How did that happen? Where did the time go?

While going to class here was never hard like it can be at home (because you know, classes all day every day can wear you down and just make you want to take a break every once in a while), I find myself relieved that I have no more lectures to attend. For the most part I enjoyed my subjects here, some definitely more than others; I have come to realize, yet again by taking another course in the subject, that I don’t have an appreciation for sociology. My conservation biology class really sparked my interest and I am now looking at a possible career in that field, and my class Linking Indigenousness really opened my eyes about the true history of Australia, as well as the hardships that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders still face today.

Next week is the mid-semester break, equivalent to a true dead week so there are no classes from the 3rd-7th of June. A friend and I have decided to take a make a few day trips to different places right outside of Cairns that I haven’t gotten the chance to see yet, like Port Douglas and maybe even a trip out to Fitzroy Island. It’ll be good to see what’s around where I’ve been living all of this time, and still be here in time to start studying for my finals early!! We made a trip up to Kuranda this past week and had a really good time – we got to see the Barron Falls, go to a couple of look outs, walk on a couple of trails through the forest, check out the art museum, and walk through the butterfly sanctuary. It, like Cairns, reminded me a lot of home…the place I’ll be in three weeks!! AAHHH!!!

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