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2013-06-11 5/18 - Let the adventures continue!

May 18, 2013

Let the adventures continue!

ANOTHER VISITOR!! One of Shelby’s best friends from home came to visit her for a little over a week. She arrived two weeks ago today and left last Thursday. But while she was here, we of course, took the opportunity and had yet another adventure! We decided that we wanted to go camping somewhere because we hadn’t done that yet, and with all of us girls being Oregon girls…well…let’s just say we love ourselves some good outdoor camping! We made a plan and decided that we visit Mission Beach and hang out around that area for the weekend. Dunk Island was close so on a nice day we could get a charter and spend the day on the island. Or, we could explore the mainland a little bit, visiting the other small towns like Bingil Bay and Wongaling Beach. We bought ourselves the camping essentials that we didn’t already have and we were on our way.

Although the weather had forecasted that it was supposed to be relatively nice, we arrived at Mission Beach in the middle of a nasty storm. The next day proved to be a mess as well and the rain continued to pour, so we had to sit down and revise our original plan. We decided to make our way inland to the Atherton Tablelands and head towards Mareeba.  Day three was a beautiful day in which we were able to explore Atherton, go to the outdoor market, and visit historical sites like the Curtain Fig, as well as nearby lakes and craters. The weather was finally nice enough to use our tent so we camped at Granite Gorge located in Mareeba for our last night. This campground was beautiful and unique in that it had rock wallabies that swarmed the area at night; you could hear them circling the tent, jumping on the tables and wandering through the field! Granite Gorge also had great trails for exploring the surrounding areas, although they definitely weren’t easy to maneuver through, as well as swimming holes, beautiful lookouts, and an area to feed the wallabies.

Granite Gorge was definitely one of the highlights of the trip – and I highly recommend it! But close by was also the Mt. Uncle Distillery and Coffee works and we were lucky enough to experience both of them on our short trip! We went to the distillery and got to taste four different liqueurs and what’s better than following up a liqueur tasting with a coffee and chocolate tasting?! With over 30 different brews of coffee and 20+ types of chocolate – you can’t go wrong (especially when it’s known as ‘The Disneyland of coffee’)!!

It all goes to show that no matter how much you try to plan the perfect trip – things don’t always work out. And when they don’t…you learn to roll with the punches and have a good time anyways!

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