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2013-05-23 Busy, busy, busy

Hello, everyone.  This is Steven Crowder here with the entry for the month of May.  I apologize for this journal entry being a little late; I have had several assignments to take care of and not a whole lot of time to juggle all of them with enough time to spare.  However, I was able to find a method to help me get a large amount of them done in a short amount of time:  working in the library instead of your own dorm room.  If you want to work without being easily distracted, this is an effective method and you will also have a printer on hand to print off any assignments that are necessary for your classes.  I highly recommend this as an effective study method for any student going abroad in the spring or fall.

I have had a few chances to lose some of my stress during the last month.  For example, I watched a Japanese crime drama film in the movie theater nearby Rikkyo University on the 11th of May.  The film had no subtitles to help me understand the dialogue of the characters, but I was able to understand about half or 60 percent of the dialogue.  If you want to get some Japanese practice in while doing something fun, you can watch Japanese movies in the movie theaters in Japan.  If you have a student ID (and face it, you will always have your student ID on hand), you can receive a small discount off the original price of your ticket.  Movies are always fun to go to, as well as relaxing, so I highly recommend going out at night to the movies while you are abroad.

I also went to an onsen (Japanese hot spring) in Tokyo last week with some of my friends at Rikkyo University.  The interior of the building was made to look like a town in the middle of the Tokugawa Period, and the onsen itself was very relaxing to begin with.  There were several types of springs to chose from, but I liked the cold water spring the best.  If you want to find a way to relieve some stress, while also having a way to beat the heat, I recommend going to an onsen, or you can just get some bath salts and take a cold bath in your dorm room.  If you are eating outside, bring your umbrella for some extra shade.  However, some of the clubs have moved from eating outside to eating inside one of the buildings with air conditioning, so that is another method to beat the heat.

This is Steven Crowder, signing off.  I'm sorry if I had less to report for this month, but my everyday life seems to be consumed by homework assignment after homework assignment.  I also promise to be a little more on time with the next journal entry, but at least it's not like the time where I forgot to do it for three months, right?  Until next time, dear readers.

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