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Journals from AUCP - Marseille, France

2013-05-13 Farewells


Finals week at AUCP was the last week of our program in Marseille. Before final exams started, we had several opportunities in and outside of class to discuss about our experiences in Marseille and Morocco with the other students and faculty. I think that Marseille program was very enriching in exposing the students to many different perspectives in terms of French and Arabic languages. The language pledge was truly a great way for us to immerse ourselves in the French mindset. By the time we went to Morocco, everyone was comfortable with speaking French and making mistakes. I think that our experiences in Morocco and our Arabic course was undeniably one of my favorite aspects of this semester. Overall, we were all very content with our academic program at AUCP.

Also, it was incredibly difficult to leave my friends and family in France. It was bittersweet because two weeks prior to leaving, I ended up meeting new friends through my French friends. We were all so similar in the way we talked about music, art, other countries, cultures, movies for hours. I will definitely stay in touch with my friends in Marseille. Same thing with my host mother; who I’ve gotten to know so well, and it is quite bizarre to not have dinner together and have random conversations. I will miss each one of them and I am incredibly grateful that I had the chance to get to know them.

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