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Journals from Galway, Ireland

2013-04-13 Irish Summer


There is nothing like familiar faces to make you feel at home, even when you are an ocean away! Over the last week I was fortunate enough to enjoy sunny Ireland adventuring with my parents and grandparents. You read that right.. sunny! Who knew! It was the most gorgeous week I have seen during my time in Ireland so far. It drizzled rain only enough times to count on one hand for short periods between large stretches of beautiful blue skies. I continually warned the family to stay alert and to keep their rain jackets close, but Ireland continued to render my seasoned advice useless!

The week was absolutely magical—complete with beautiful scenery, good food, and the best company. We started the trip with a visit to Galway’s ever growing Saturday market (including stops at the doughnut man, the bagel stand, the produce tent, and the cheese cart) and then continued by branching out throughout the week to see different parts of the island. Because my parents rented a car, we were able to explore at our own pace, covering a large portion of the West coast. We visited the Cliffs of Moher, Dingle Peninsula, Bunratty castle, the Rock of Cashel, Connemara, and Inis Mor Island. Each new location offered a new kind of breathtaking beauty and new perspectives on different periods of Irish history.

The Dingle Peninsula was especially spectacular. Our day in Dingle was the most beautiful day I have experienced in Ireland so far. The sky was vivid blue, matched in brilliance only by the crystal blue ocean. As we drove and walked we found ourselves taking off layers of clothing as Irish sunbeams actually produced something reminiscent of warmth. The view from the peninsula’s loop road was unlike any I have ever seen. Green grass, dotted with grazing sheep and ponies, coated the downward rolling landscape until it met the sheer cliffs that jetted into the sea. It was truly Ireland at its finest—a day I will always remember!

 Of course, after my parents left this morning, Ireland decided it was time to resume its cold and drizzly state of normalcy. The doughnut man sweetly reinforced this reality check at the market today when he asked, “Did you enjoy the Irish summer?” When we asked what he meant he laughed and said, “That was it! We had our sunny week and now it is time for rainy winter again until next year!” Well, if he is right, than I am glad Irish summer came when it did!



Irish Phrase of the Week: You are very welcome – A phrase used as a common welcoming greeting. Not to be confused with “your welcome” as a response to “thank you”.

Example: The professor entered the classroom and began his lecture by greeting the students saying, “Hello, you are very welcome!”

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