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Journals from AUCP - Marseille, France

2013-03-31 Motivation is Contagious


Every Thursday I have my service project. This week I worked with two little boys who were about 8 & 9 years old. They did not know any English except the word “Hello” I began with introducing myself then taught them how to introduce themselves in English. Following up on that, I taught then numbers and the alphabet. When I spoke in English, they seemed to figure out the meaning wel;l however, speaking or writing was very difficult for them. It was interesting to see how they added accents to words when they wrote in English.

After working with these two boys, I had a woman approach me to ask if I could work with her 8-year-old daughter. I believe that little Sonia and her mother are Maghreb from Marseille. As soon as I spoke to Sonia I could tell that she has a strong support system from her family in terms of education. She already had a good English pronunciation and I could tell that with a little help she will be fluent very soon. It is an amazing feeling to teach someone something. I tried to be very enthusiastic and encouraging when I taught them so they could feel comfortable speaking up and losing fear in making a mistake. I was so astonished to see how motivated and excited to learn they were from just a few compliments. 

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