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Journals from Seville, Spain

2013-03-12 Rain in Seville

As the winter is starting to wear off here in Seville, the rain has come and gone. Lately it has been very rainy, however, and I’ve been told that it is not usual for this time of year. Although it isn’t all that cold out, Seville isn’t quite the same when it rains in comparison to when it’s sunny out. Almost the opposite to Oregon where it rains the main part of the year, Seville is used to sunshine when you can walk everywhere or ride a bike to wherever you need to. As we can see with the wonderful ¨Sevici¨ bike system, the city is perfect with such nice weather--they can get almost anywhere by bike. With this system you can buy an annual subscription for about $30 and it lets you use the bikes as often as you want. There are stations about every 200 meters all around the city and all you do is pick up a bike at one station and leave it at another one anywhere in the city. It’s very useful and eliminates the responsibility of having to lock up your bike and many people use it including myself.

When it rains, though, many people find another way to get around. Therefore, there are more cars on the streets and also a lot more people in the metro, tram, and buses. All the umbrellas are out and in fact everyone has an umbrella instead of a raincoat: an interesting difference from Oregon because someone once told me that if you are a true Oregonian, you don’t use an umbrella. For Seville, though, it makes sense because to get anywhere in the city it’s usually about a 10-20 minute walk. All in all, I’m excited for the sunshine to be here, even though the heat I’m definitely not used to; Seville was built for blue skies.

 Until next time! Jessica Calderon

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