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Journals from Spring Univ. of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

2013-03-12 Freshers

Hello everyone! In the last few weeks uni has really come in to full swing. It’s been a little hard adjusting to the schedule since a few of my classes are only once a week in two-hour blocks but it’s starting to feel normal. The school work isn’t too bad, just a lot of reading! I have also learned to not take the small size of Linfield for granted since I now have to leave at least twenty minutes early for all my classes! During orientation week there was a day to sign up for clubs and I joined a few including the Tramping Club (aka hiking club). Last weekend was the first outing, an event called Freshers. We drove a few hours from Christchurch and then set off for an overnight trip to Mystery Lake. Kylie and I chose the medium route, which involved going (straight) over a couple of hills and through some very cool valleys. The scenery was beautiful with some sightings of snowcapped peaks! Freshers is definitely more of a social event then a wilderness experience with over a hundred students but we got to meet all sorts of people including lots of Kiwis. It was fun to sit around that evening and talk about the similarities and differences between NZ, America, and the different states. The next morning we woke up rested and we all took the easy way out through a valley. At the end the club provided a classic Kiwi bbq of grilled sausage on sliced bread with tomato sauce (not the same thing as ketchup) which was a great way to end a fun weekend! Well, better get back to writing essays so I can enjoy my weekend in Arthur’s Pass! Till next time!

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