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Journals from AUCP - Marseille, France

2013-02-28 Winter Vacation


This winter vacation, I decided to stay in Marseille. I thought it was a better idea to spend more time getting to know more about it. I’m enjoying sleeping in and going on a run. Yesterday I went on a run to the beach. It was about 40 minutes around the city to get to the beach and another 40 minutes back. Because I haven’t had the chance to go on a run since I came to France, the run helped me ease the guilt of eating as much delicious baguettes and cheese that I’ve been indulging on. This was my first time to the Mediterranean Sea. The water was absolutely beautiful. Even though it wasn’t very warm, there were many people there. The beach was very calm and soothing. It also is the perfect spot to take pictures from. You can see the colorful houses on the hills, the city, the water, and the mountain cliffs.

The other day, a group of us went to the Calanque. Calanque is a steep-walled inlet or bay that was developed in limestone, or other carbonate strata along the Mediterranean coast. It was subsequently submerged from the rise in sea level. From the Castellane, we took a bus that took us to the beginning of the trail. The sun was out and it wasn’t very windy, which made it the perfect day to go to the Calanque. We came closer to the water and had a picnic there. Afterwards, we lay on the rocks and listened to the waves. The cliffs were absolutely beautiful and the water was clear and blue.

My winter vacation was perfect. Going to the beach and going on a hike in nature is exactly what one needs before midterms. You must come visit the beach and the Calanque; such beauty!

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