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Journals from Seville, Spain

2013-02-26 Back to Seville

 Throughout the 7-week break, I was in Costa Rica visiting family where I spent a lot of time speaking more Spanish and continuing my learning abroad, but in a different environment with, of course, a different culture. Getting on the plane to come home to Seville wasn’t as scary as it was when I was leaving the U.S. because it was like I was leaving to go to another home of mine. When I landed in the Seville airport it was a feeling of excitement, not only to be back to the city that I’ve fallen in love with, but to see friends that I’ve made and to know that I knew where I was going and what to expect.

This semester I moved to another home stay so I could be closer to the center of the city and my school. The house is older than the other house I lived in, but I like it and the lady I live with is great.

That evening I went for a walk through Seville to see one of my favorite monuments of the city: the Plaza de España.It was a great feeling being ‘home’ again and to know where I could go to spend time with friends. Excited to meet the new students (since all but 3 of us stayed for a full year), we started class on Monday and I was happy to see a lot more people than there were during the fall, and more diversity in terms of Spanish level and ethnicity. Unfortunately, I don’t think by the end of the semester I will know everyone’s name like I did in the fall, but nonetheless I am looking forward to making more friends as the semester goes on.

Jessica Calderon

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