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Journals from Spring Univ. of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

2013-02-18 Arrival in Christchurch

Kia ora! It's my second day here in New Zealand and I already love it. The landing in Auckland was a bit rough—with the short layover and running between terminals—but it all worked out. Walking out of the airport at Christchurch definitely put a smile on my face! The air here smells like a tame Hawaii-- really fresh and fragrant. It's also been about 80 and sunny the last couple of days which is a happy change from Oregon weather!

Moving in was pretty easy and the apartment isn't too bad. There are five bedrooms, a living room area, a kitchen, two baths, and a patio. I have yet to meet any of my roommates but I'm sure they'll be coming soon enough. The first day was a lot of just settling in and exploring around a bit. The campus here is beautiful. It's kind of like a jungle--there are tons of trees and bushes and ferns all over the place. The plants and such look similar to stuff in the States but with a bit of an exotic twist: there's a tree on campus whose leaves look like mini ferns and some trees that look like they're made out of scaly sticks.

 On the second day Kylie and I went to the Riccarton Market; it was a bit of a walk but well worth it. It was kind of a cross between a farmer's market and a flea market. There were booths filled with every kind of candy, handmade jewelry, food cart-esque things, homemade soaps, entertainment, and some very delicious ice cream that they made for you on order. I also got my first sun tan so that's just a bonus! It was fun to just walk around and sort of get the feel of the various streets and where everything is situated. Until next time!

Things that I already love about New Zealand: the weather! how produce is cheaper at farmer's markets then the store. the language differences. How it's totally acceptable to not wear shoes, even inside.

-Julie Sadino

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