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Journals from AUCP - Marseille, France

2013-02-09 أﻫﻼ


(Hello in Arabic )

We finally are adapting to our daily routines. It is a little nervous to eliminate thinking in English and adapt to thinking in French. Speaking in French at all times is nerve wracking, but after speaking in French for two weeks I can’t stress how much my French has improved. When one is in the ‘real’ French setting, there is no time to feel embarrassed or shy to speak. Not only my classes are in French, but also as a part of the Marseille program we began our very first Arabic classes. I think it is the ultimate language immersion that one could have by taking an Arabic lesson in French. Arabic is such a fascinating language. I am looking forward to advance in it so I can speak in Morocco.

During our second weekend in Marseille, students from Marseille and Aix-En-Provence went to the Lubéron area. The trip started around 9 AM and we took a bus into different towns. Because it was a Saturday the towns were empty, thus it was a good time to walk around the old, beautiful streets to take pictures. It was great to meet the other students from the Aix-En-Provence program. For lunch we stopped at a beautiful small town and bought snacks and had a picnic outside. The atmosphere in Lubéron was so calming. There were valleys, beautiful mountains, old architecture, and country lavender.

I feel a lot more comfortable now around my neighborhood. There are stores called “Casino” to buy food and other basic necessities. I enjoy walking around the downtown area. And lastly, the cheese here is amazing. I am not a big cheese fan, but some cheese with a freshly baked baguette will make your go world round J.

That’s it for now.

Au revoir.

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