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Journals from AUCP - Marseille, France

2013-02-09 Bonjour Tout Le Monde


Bonjour tout le monde!

Here I am, in the most cultural city of France – Marseille. A host mother of my fellow American student picked us up from the airport because my host mother didn’t have a car. As we drove from the airport into the center of Marseille, I saw beautiful, old architectures phase into a city scene. The first day I came to my host home, my host mother took me on a short tour of the neighborhood. The first week in Marseille was overwhelming with a lot of information from AUCP. Everyone had jet jag, and orientation week kept us busy all day. I was very excited to walk around my neighborhood. I live close to the Centre-Ville or downtown area. It is very pleasant to live so close to AUCP and other places.

During this time in January, Marseille has mistral. Even though it is not very cold, the mistral can make a lot of activities difficult. Sometimes the wind blew so hard that I felt like I was going to fly away. After a little bit of discovering around the neighborhood shops, I realized that there are a lot of places to go to; for example the delicious pastries. Mmm. I found it interesting to find pharmacies in almost every few blocks of streets. It was clear that France had very good medical resources. Also, walking around Marseille was very nice to me because the vibe on the street was city-like, but the architecture was very Greek-like that it was almost like a “mellow” city. It was different from Portland, Oregon. People dressed chic and elegant with their pea coats and high-heeled ankle boots.

My first two weeks really consisted of observing the streets, the people, and adjusting according to the culture that Marseilles lived. 

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