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Journals from Jan Term - NURS 298 Health Care in New Zealand

2013-02-08 Rotorua Hospital: Holistic Health Care


The Lakes District Health Board- Maori Health Division at the Rotorua Hospital described how they use a holistic model for health care that is visually represented by the four walls of a house. Each wall represents a component, which include mental/emotional, social, spiritual, and physical well being. This model symbolizes that that the house needs all four walls to be supported, if one component is left out the health of the individual will not be stable. Each of these components needs to be considered when treating someone. I really liked this model because it acknowledges that there is more than just the physical symptoms that could be affecting someone’s heath and treatment. I think that sometimes we get caught up in what is physically wrong so that we might miss other factors involved, or might not utilize other factors to treat an illness.

                I would like to see a model like this used in the States. It might be more difficult (or just appear that way), because having to consider these additional factors may make for a more lengthy process of evaluation. However, I think patients would respond well and really like it. It may give them the feeling that the health provider really cares about their whole self and not just what's going on physically. I will definitely try to use this model in my own future practice. Even though it may seem like it would be more time consuming to do a holistic approach I think it could lead to better health outcomes, or at least patents feeling cared for at a higher level.

Marisa Steinkamp

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