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Journals from Jan Term - NURS 298 Health Care in New Zealand

2013-02-08 Starship Children's Hospital


Starship Children’s Hospital was absolutely amazing. I love the facility and it was so vibrant and warm in what can be a very depressing setting of children’s healthcare. I wish that we had been able to see more of the orthopedic aspect and seen some actual practice of physical therapy but being able to check out the facilities was great. I could have stayed in there and played all day, especially had they been working with patients. Their philosophy was fantastic and I felt for them in their lack of resources to really be able to carry through on it like they wanted to. Being “stretched thin” was a very recurrent theme which is unfortunate and somewhat different from the US. It seems like all of their philosophies are well thought out and very patient centered, they just don’t have the resources to carry them out to their full potential. The fact that they ask what the patient wants is incredibly refreshing. We’re used to being told this is how it is and this is what we’re going to do about it. From there the physicians in New Zealand make the necessary tools and resources available to the patient and family to carry out their wishes. Finally, and I think most importantly, they heal the whole patient - physical, mental, emotional and cultural. My view is that when a patient is “broken” you don’t just focus on the “broken” piece but on healing the whole patient. In a sense the whole patient is broken because due to their injury or illness they may have lost or be losing a lot more than meets the eye. I love this about sites that we’ve visited so far, Starship and Birthcare Auckland: their focus on the whole patient, the whole family and the whole situation. It will be interesting to see if that continues or not at subsequent sites. 

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