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Journals from Jan Term 2014 - NURS 398 Traditional and Modern Healthcare in SE Asia

2013-02-01 Elephants!!!!! Day 2



January 19th, 2013
Elephant Day #2 
By: Paty Magallanes 
Our second day with the elephants was full of excitement and fun activities. Being there has been an awesome experience and it has created a very different sense of love towards Thailand for us. Before coming to the elephant park we mostly got to see a lot of city life and not a lot of the outdoor beauty that Thailand has to offer but the elephant park is beautiful! It is a stunning view everywhere you look with the river that runs right next to the park and the amazing fields where the elephants are pretty free to walk where they please. 
This day started off with us getting up pretty early to feed the elephants. There were several 'elephant families' that needed to have snacks so we walked out to meet them. It was beautiful to be walking out to the elephants' natural habitat and be able to interact with them. We each grabbed a lot if bananas to last us for a while and headed out, feeding every elephant that came our way. While walking, we also got to see Jungle Boy, one of the male elephants that they have in the park; he was really big and is the only male elephant with tusks in the park. 
After our morning walk we then headed over to our lovely cabins to pack up and leave for the day. It was really hard to be leaving so soon since we loved being there and wished we were staying one more night, but, we had a blast and we met some pretty incredible people. 
Later that night we just went to the night bazaar and did some more shopping and enjoyed a meal at Pizza Hut!.... We sort of wanted to feel a little bit closer to home :)
Greetings from Thailand! 
Ashlyn, Ashley, Kaitlyn, Chelsea,
Kelli, Nazgul, Leilani, Shelby, Sarah, 
Megan, Michelle, and Paty  

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