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Journals from Jan Term 2014 - NURS 398 Traditional and Modern Healthcare in SE Asia

2013-01-30 Graduation!


 Today we had day two of our Thai massage clinic. We focused primarily on the pressure points of the arms, abdominals, and legs. We learned that Thai massage not only relieves stress in muscles, but it can also provide positive benefits to many of the systems in the body. For example, massaging the abdominal muscles can increase the elasticity of the digestive tract and stomach and prevent indigestion. Many of us found interest in the skills we learned in Thai massage school because we can later implement Thai massage as a complimentary form of treatment to our future patients.

After we finished learning all of the major pressure points of the body we were given a short multiple choice exam and time to prove that we knew how to properly demonstrate how to give a Thai massage to our instructor. We all passed the requirements and were allowed to graduate Thai Massage School. We had a small ceremony where we received a diploma and a hand painted gift bag. It was funny because the creator of the Thai Massage School of Chang Mai happened to be friends with the owner of Red Onion ( a Thai restaurant located on 23rd Avenue that is located near Linfield College School of Nursing).

We finished up our day by going to a fabulous restaurant where we were treated to authentic Thai food. Our entertainment was a Thai singer who was very well-known throughout Thailand. The food was exceptional and the singing was even better!

Chelsea Neilson

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