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Journals from Universidad de San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) Ecuador

2013-01-22 New Students, New Semester

Week 1 of January


This week the new students from the Oregon program arrived on Saturday. We had a meeting to go over some basic information together with our program directors, and just to chat. It was great to meet everyone. Since I have already been here for a semester, I did not attend orientation in the fall, so I was unable to meet the new students. We are a smaller group, but a little more balanced. Last semester we were a group of fourteen students, with one man. This semester, there are nine of us in total, and three men. Also, Linfield is represented down here, with four students, two for a year, and two for a semester. I think it is going to be a really exciting semester.

Tomorrow classes start. After being in Quito for a semester, my Spanish has improved enough that I have a wide variety of classes available for me to take. Last semester I was quite limited, so I am looking forward to the change. I am taking a bilingual education class, two literature classes about Latin America, an Andean anthropology class, yoga, dance, and a hiking class. Also, since I am a math minor, I am auditing a calculus class in order to learn math vocabulary in Spanish. Although I am taking more classes, I am glad that I will be on campus more and have some classes that are just for fun.


Happy new year!

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