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Journals from Jan Term 2014 - NURS 398 Traditional and Modern Healthcare in SE Asia

2013-01-20 Thai cooking and a sacred wat

 Today we visited “A Lot of Thai” Home Cooking for a cooking class. We were graciously invited to the home of Yui, Kwan and their two children, Sid and Jun. We got to make delicious homemade pad thai, red and green curry with rice, and hot and sour prawn soup (Tom-yam-goong ), and the best part is we got to eat our food right after we prepared it!. Yui has been a locally renowned chef in Thailand for over 10 years and has since received international attention for her cooking expertise and sustainable lifestyle. Kwan, her husband, is a graphic designer and helps design Yui’s cookbooks and run the family cooking business. Yui and Kwan support local grocery stores instead of chain supermarkets because they believe in sharing good fortune with their community. In addition to participating in the cooking class, we had the opportunity to visit a local market where Yui showed us the actual produce and spices we were using in our food! At the end of our course, we received Yui’s cookbook with the recipes we made and much much more. She gave us tips on substitutes for ingredients if we cannot find them in the US. The experience was amazing and the food was even better :) We are all excited to make some authentic Thai dishes for our friends and family. 

 In the afternoon we visited Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. The wat is the most sacred wat in northern Thailand and was built in 1371. The wat sits on top of a large hill in which we had to climb several flights of stairs to reach. By the time we arrived at the top, we were breathless from the climb. We received blessings for well being from a monk with holy lustral water and a holy string that was tied on the wrist of men (the monks drop the string on the wrist of women, who tie it on themselves). Locals were ringing bells and gongs around the sanctuary for meditation and many of them made merit by making donations to charities. There were many hilltribe women around the outside of the wat selling their handicrafts. I think we had our fair share of bracelet buying :)

 What a trip it has been so far! Many more to come.

Until next time!

Kelli and the rest of the Thailand 2013 group 

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