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Journals from Jan Term 2014 - NURS 398 Traditional and Modern Healthcare in SE Asia

2013-01-17 Great People & Great Food

 Monday, January 14th, 2013

Today was our second day of Thai massage. It was so nice to wake up at 8:00 A.M. instead of 4:00 A.M., not to mention wake up and get a massage! My group (Megan, Sarah, Leilani, & Ashley) were next door learning foot reflexology. Yesterday we learned 33 different pressure points on the feet that can correspond to different parts of the body. It was fascinating. Apparently if one of the areas produces pain when pressure is applied there it could indicate a an issue with that part of the body- or just a tender area of the foot. It's not an exact science. Reflexology can help detoxify the body, though. It can stimulate different organs and circulation to rid the body of toxins. Personally, it was really relaxing too! We continued today with hand, arm, head , and shoulder massage too. Having our shoulders rubbed may have been our favorite part! 

We even added another member to our crew- Anna from England. She was a blast, and filled us in on her month-long adventure around Thailand. She started down south in Phuket and has come to Chiang Mai to learn more massage to take home and practice. We loved having her around and made sure to get her email and pictures in our massage gear!

At the end of our class we said our farewells to Anna and met up with the rest of our group for graduation. It was very official, complete with a banner and certificates. I can't believe the time and effort they took to put it together for us. The staff was so kind. We even found out that the woman in charge knows the owner of our favorite Thai restaurant near campus on 23rd, Red Onion! I know after that ceremony the rest of the seniors are ready and excited for our graduation on June 2nd. 

Afterwards we had some well-earned down time. Some of us explored the nearby park, had girl time, or just took a nap. It felt amazing! Later that night we got ready and our tour guide Pot took us out to a beautiful dinner at Huan Soontaree restaurant. He ordered us authentic northern cuisine that has been my favorite so far. We sat on the balcony of the open-air restaurant and listened to live folk music. Thai folk singer Soontaree Vechanont is the founder of the restaurant. She is very famous throughout Thailand for her music career that began in the 1970s. Her voice was very unique and haunting. It was such a wonderful experience and the food and atmosphere were excellent. It proved to be a very relaxing day 2 in Chiang Mai. Can't wait to see what else Thailand has in store for us! 


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