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Journals from Galway, Ireland

2013-01-12 The First Week Complete

           Here at NUI Galway the Linfield girls have officially completed their first week of classes. It has been a bit chaotic with confusion as to where classes are located, as well as trying out a multitude of classes as a means of seeing what suits each individual best. Yet, now that Saturday is here I think the majority of us know what we want to take and are starting to feel a sense of peace around the whole ordeal. I myself am particularly excited for Celtic Mythology, Religion and Folklore, as well as my Forensic Psychology course.

            On Monday night a few of us went out to Quays Pub to listen to some traditional Trad Music. The atmosphere was very pleasant, with people scattered about and chatting casually while enjoying a drink. We managed to meet a couple boys who are also attending NUI Galway this semester; one was from Italy and the other Germany. It is so fun to be in a city where so many nationalities are being represented. Once Quays started to die down a bit, we meandered up Shop Street to Front Door Pub- a very “happening” place that evening. Front Porch seems to be a popular place for the young crowd, with music blaring and lots of laughter. It was the perfect way to end the night and meet even more people. It was a much different Monday night than what you would experience in McMinnville, Oregon- that’s for sure!

            With most of us staying in and catching up on much-needed sleep on Tuesday and Wednesday night, we ventured out again Thursday for the International Student Meet and Greet at Kelly’s Pub, quaintly located in Eyre Square. The place was packed! Most people gathered into small groups and talked with those whom they seemed to already know. Even so, I tried to make an effort to meet a few new people and managed to meet some Irish students who were posing as a Texan and an Ohioan, as well as a genuine American. It was another upbeat setting with lots of smiling and happy banter. Around eleven, we left the pub to go and dance for a few hours, finally collapsing back into our beds around 2 am.

            Today (Saturday) we all went down to the market. The donut man blessed us with his delectable treats--the donuts are perfectly crisp and coated with cinnamon sugar on the outside, yet pleasantly undercooked and doughy on the inside. Pure bliss is the best description! As it was quite cold out today, we ducked into a small French café about halfway through our shopping excursion. Café Java was the name and two young French people flitted cheerfully around, waiting on customers. I enjoyed a vanilla cinnamon latte while taking in the interesting art work and décor that adorned the walls of the café. There was one quote on the wall that I really enjoyed. It read: “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.” What a wonderful reminder during this time abroad, and so I made a special effort to take lots of pictures while out and about!

            Tomorrow, a few of us will be heading off to the Cliffs of Moher with the International Student Society. I look forward to the beautiful sights that are in store.


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