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Journals from Galway, Ireland

2013-01-04 And the Adventure has Begun

     Three days into our adventure in Galway Ireland and the ladies are starting to adjust to the new time zone. Feeling weary has kept us relatively mellow during the first few days. We arrived on Tuesday January 2nd at 10am and immediately set off for the nearby shopping center for provisions. Many of the girls, myself included, experienced our first cultural adjustment in that we didn't recognize the brands of food...time to dive in and enjoy the Irish finest, casting aside our preconceived ideas of what we like in America. Following this excursion, a short break was needed in order to muster up enough energy to set off and explore some. Our destination for the night: notorious fish and chips on shop street. The dinner lived up to all of our expectations, which could've been partially due to the 45-minute walk in the rain that preceded the meal (we got a bit lost). The meal left us all satisfied, but sleepy, thus turning in early was what we all chose to do.

     On Wednesday January 3rd we had our first day of orientation. So much exciting information. We were presented with numerous classes to consider as well as a wide variety of societies to join. I myself am looking forward to the Gaelic course I enrolled in and taking part in the archery society. I heard others talk of joining crew, the political debate society, and studies of celtic mythology. It is sure to be an enlightening semester for all of us. After an academically focused day, a few of us Linfield gals headed to the college bar for some Irish cider. We got to know each other a bit better with the familiar beat of American music playing in the background.

     Tonight, many of us are anticipating a trip to the city. There are dancing clubs and Irish pubs calling our names! Hopefully we'll feel well enough in the morning to head to the Saturday market in the city center for fresh produce, eggs, and a chance to meet the famous Donut man that those who've come before us have gushed about!

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