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Journals from Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

2012-12-28 Merii Kurisumasu


This Christmas was my first Christmas on my own.  I knew this day was going to happen eventually, but I suppose I wasn’t expecting it so soon.  In Japan, Christmas isn’t really so much a time for family anyway; most people go out and celebrate with their friends or significant others.  I think it’s natural to feel a little lonely during the winter holidays, but I admit that I had a bit of a rough time with it.

Even though my family was half a world away from me this Christmas, I thought I might spend the holiday with some friends.  Unfortunately, most of my friends either returned to their home countries for Christmas break or otherwise had dates.  I had no such plans.

Instead, I found a few other similarly plan-less friends and we made our own Christmas.  We went out to eat together and stayed up late playing computer games.  We had a fun time, even though we weren’t really where we wanted to be for the holiday.  Thanks to modern technology, we’re still able to talk to our loved ones over video chat, so while it’s nowhere near the same as being home for Christmas, it helps fight homeward longing.

Season’s greetings to everyone who reads this, and a happy new year.

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