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Journals from Oslo, Norway - Our Shared European Cultures

2012-12-16 We all knew this day would come...

This is my last night in Oslo. My room is empty, my clothes are packed and I have said my goodbyes. I have said many goodbyes before, but this one was different. I have met people here that I have created life-long friendships with, that I am now going to leave. But as this weekend went on, and we all said good bye to each other, I realized something. This was not good bye to each other, no, far from it. It was good bye to Oslo, it was good bye to these 4 extraordinary months. This experience is such a unique one. I implore anyone, and every one, if they have the chance, to study abroad. Any where! It doesn't have to be Norway (though this is an awesome country and people should study here). I have thought about many things today like, "where did the time go!?" or "How am I going to explain this to anyone? This experience?" It's hard to put into simple words what this place has done to me. I am different. I am not the same person that left the States. I have a bigger understanding of the world and of myself. Oslo has left its mark on me, and I am forever grateful. The friends I have made here will be life-long ones; I know this because they are in the same position as me. These months have changed them, just as they have changed me; the only other people that can understand or even know truly what happened here to us, is each other. This has created such a sudden and strong bond, one that I have never felt before. Even though this good bye is painful, I mean really really hard, I wouldn't ever trade these bonds, and these memories for anything in this world.

Thank you, Linfield, for giving me this beautiful opportunity. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for supporting me through this transtition and experience. Thank you, Oslo, for opening up my eyes.

I will never forget you. Ha det Bra Norge, Ha det. (Good Bye Norway, Bye)

Laura Breshock

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