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Journals from Oslo, Norway - Our Shared European Cultures

2012-12-07 Wait, I have to go home soon?

Wow what happened to November!? 
I apologize for not making more posts. November was a crazy month over here in Oslo. I had my final 6,000 word minimum research paper to write for class, my parents came to visit, and I went to Copenhagen! It was crazy awesome month. The paper was a challenge, but it proved interesting. I chose to compare and contrast the social studies programs in the USA and in Norway. I had to interview locals and people back home and I got truly invested in it. It was stressful, though--my parents were visiting the week it was due. While I loved seeing them, it proved to be a little bit of a challenge. But in the long run it worked out because I knew they were coming. Instead of procrastinating, I actually budgeted my time wisely for the first time probably ever in my college career. So all together it was worth it. At the end of the month I had to present on it, and have an oral exam. I have never had an oral exam before! I sat in a room with the advisor of my paper, or tutor, as they call them here, and the head of the program. I sat and had, more or less a discussion with them, about my paper and the process of that, and other things we learned this semester. The program head also whipped out older papers we wrote for the subjects and asked me about that! I was so focused on the fieldwork I had done I had almost completely forgotten that I had done any other work in the program! For the first time I had lost my head in one piece of work, which is exciting that I know what it feels like seeing as how next semester at Linfield I start on my thesis. After my time in the exam was up, they told me to wait outside while they discussed. In my head I was like, "Discuss what!??? My grade!? Right now!? This is definitely not Linfield..." I waited until they were done and they let me back in to the room where they told me I received an A! I was so happy. It was a great way to end the study portion to my experience here. After my parents visited, my friends and I made our last trip together. We refer to ourselves as a family, we are 8 people from different walks of life, and without a share bond of some sort, we would probably never know each other in our real lives. We took the ferry to Copenhagen from Oslo for the weekend. It was an unforgettable experience and a great way to begin to say goodbye to these amazing people. We saw a lot of things, walked all over the place. Laughed, danced, smiled and hugged a whole lot. 

I currently just came back from 3 days in Scotland visiting my friend who had visited me earlier this semester. I saw my favorite band there, and got to see the United Kingdom for the first time. It felt like I was walking through my childhood dreams of Harry Potter, and fantastic accents. My mother sort of accidentally raised me as Anglophile. So actually getting to be there was almost unreal! I couldn't actually believe it-I had wanted to visit for so long... 
Now I'm back home. Well it's only home for another 2 weeks. Which is incredible. Where has all the time gone? Looks like I have two weeks to say goodbye!

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