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Journals from Spring and Fall, 2012 South Korea

2012-12-06 A White Yonsei

Hello Wildcats!

I hope you are enjoying your finals and getting ready for the winter holidays! I wanted to send my greetings to you from Korea! I don’t know what the weather is like in Mac, but in Korea this past week it has been quite the blizzard. As you can see through the picture above, there is snow everywhere and ice hidden under every layer of snow. One moment I was going to class in the cold fog, then the next there is already 2 inches of snow on the ground (2 hours later)! I later ended up having a snowball fight with a few of my friends in the courtyard. We were originally supposed to go shopping but because my friend is from Brazil, this would be the only time that she would even experience or have a chance to play in the snow. Thus we postponed our shopping date to see how the Brazilians react to the winter wonderland of Korea. It definitely looked like we were all trapped in a snow globe as the big flakes of snow drifted through the sky!

Snow doesn’t usually bother me, but after 2 days of snow-covered buildings and ice-frosted grounds, I think I am more than ready to start driving again. I’ve come to realize that it is much colder in Korea than back in the States, but not only that: since you walk everywhere in Korea, you can feel the freezing temperatures for that much longer. Traveling is now kept to a minimum, and only the most necessary outside endeavours are made. So be warned of the freezing temperatures of Korea, if you attempt to go in the fall or even the first month of spring.

Happy Holidays Linny!

Dana Hellie

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