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Journals from Costa Rica Adventures Abroad 2012

2012-12-06 Last Two Weeks in Costa Rica

Five more nights left for the group and me here in Costa Rica.  We have all grown and opened our minds and our eyes to a new culture different from the culture of the United States.  We have all made friendships and family ties that will last forever.  We all have a reason to come back and visit the people we have made these connections with or even to live.  Just about three and a half months ago my group and I barely knew each other.  One the way to Costa Rica I had sat by a girl I didn’t know at all and a girl I was familiar with because we had lived in the same dorm freshman year.  These girls and I talked a little bit, but we didn’t have much to talk about.  Now I know these two girls very well, as well as all the rest of the girls in my group.  We have all made such tight connections with each other and have stories from our experiences together.  We all have so much in common now.  It’s like a third family away from real families and our host families. 

                Before I start getting too sentimental here is what has been going on these last two weeks before we leave this upcoming Tuesday.  We wrapped up our last week of classes last week, and many of us took the weekend to study as well. We had presentations about our community project this last Monday (which also counted as our Spanish oral), our ecology test on Tuesday, our history essay was due today and we have our Spanish written final tomorrow (Thursday).  Finals have been easy so far and, also, our ecology teacher was nice enough to send out our grades already!

Within these last two weeks I know some of the group and I have been making time for other things instead of only studying and finals.  We are spending time with the family and friends we have made here, taking last-minute vacations to the beach and lots more.  I made an effort to go visit the Catholic Church in the center of San Ramón this last Sunday.  The Church is big and white, and inside are elaborate gold colored decorations, stained glass windows, and the music during mass was beautiful Spanish music.  It was nothing like mass in the States.  I was in awe and absolutely amazed at the intricate beauty of the church and the mass. 

  This was a part of the Costa Rica I had been missing. I don’t want to go back to Oregon without experiencing as much as I could. 

Until later!


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