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Journals from Spring and Fall, 2012 South Korea

2012-12-01 Cafe Culture

Cafe Culture!

Today, I want to share with you guys some amazing things about the cafe culture in Korea. You would be surprised to see how many cafes and how many different types of cafes exist in Korea! It is definitely my kind of city!

Of course the most common cafe is just the standard coffee shops like Starbucks, Holly’s, and Tom and Tom’s. These are the ones that you go to to study, relax, and chat with friends. Other ones are more themed. I will share three experiences with you.

The first of these is the Princess Cafe. In this cafe you go in and buy a drink and then select a princess dress that you would like to wear for the day. Depending on the fanciness of the dress, it gets more expensive. Once you’ve been fitted, you are given a tiara and bouquet of flowers to hold in pictures if you choose to use the props. From there on you walk around the room taking wedding like pictures throughout the cafe as if you were a princess. It is basically dress up and have fun wearing white dresses.

The second if more of a tropical/gypsy style cafe where they serve huge pancakes. This cafe is very cozy and serves well for meeting with small groups and a place to study. The menu is a bit higher in price, but the atmosphere is unique and different if you need a new study place. A picture of the second floor Rain Tree cafe is featured for this journal entry.

Lastly, there is the cat cafe. Since many buildings in Korea do not allow pets, these cafes serve as a place to interact with pets outside of your home. You order a drink and can stay for as long as you want. Cats vary in size, breed, and friendliness. The one that I was able to go to had about 25 cats you could interact with, not including the kittens that were caged for the time being.

There are still many more that I am hoping to get to before I leave such as a board game cafe, puzzle cafe, hello kitty cafe, and dog cafe.

But nonetheless, cafe culture in Korea is amazing!

Happy Reading!

Dana Hellie

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