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2012-11-27 Farewell Beijing

Today was my last final! Woo Hoo! What a relief it was to walk out of my Chinese class knowing that I am done with tests and homework until spring semester at Linfield. These last couple of weeks have been busy for us students as we try to finish up tests and papers (Oh, how I dread the papers). The classes in this program thoroughly enjoy term papers. I have written three term papers and taken two final exams this past week. I am relieved to be relaxing and watching some Netflix to unwind (Thanks to my dad for getting me a VPN).

Not only am I done with classes today, but tonight will be my last night spent in Beijing. Tomorrow evening we will board an overnight train and begin our study trips. We had four lines to choose from. Each study trip focuses on a specific area of Chinese culture. I have chosen to go on the history line. Before coming to China, I was unfamiliar with the history so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to learn more about Chinese history and culture.

In my opinion, this is a perfect way to end my study abroad experience. These study trips allow us to learn while traveling to four different places in China and visit many historic sites and landmarks. I have spent the past three months in Beijing and have grown accustomed to the customs and the lifestyle of the people living here. It will be nice to visit different places and learn more about China as a country.

These past three months have been a learning experience. I have made friends that come from all around the United States and friends that have grown up here in China. Today was the day that I had to say goodbye to my Chinese friends. Time here in China has gone so fast and I cannot believe that in two weeks I will be on my way back to America. The next two weeks will be full of adventure and sleeping on trains! We will be visiting place after place, riding train after train, and taking picture after picture. I will miss Beijing, but I am excited to venture outside of Beijing and experience something different: different places, different people, and different food. I am excited to create the last batch of memories that I will have while studying abroad. The best decision that I have made while attending Linfield was to study abroad.

I better finish up packing so I can get some sleep! I will post updates of every place that I go to while on the study trip.

Bryanna Dixon

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