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Journals from Seville, Spain

2012-11-24 A Weekend in Seville

 I have come to enjoy the fact that here in Seville, there is always something to do. Whether it is a new place to visit, an exposition, museum, or park, the options are endless when it comes to spending free time.

Since I don’t have school on Fridays, my weekends begin Thursday evening. This past weekend, after class, a friend and I went to an exposition of a private collection of Murillo’s paintings. It was on display in what used to be a hospital for retired monks where there was also a church. Although the paintings were interesting, seeing how beautiful this old church was and the building the monks lived in was fantastic. It reminded me of all the hidden treasures Seville has to offer.

Friday morning there was an optional school trip to a factory where they make Spanish pastries. They’re famous for their tortas, which are flat pieces of bread coated in sugar and olive oil (similar to an elephant ear, but smaller). We got to see the process from beginning to end, but the most interesting part was the 16 ladies who flatten out every torta by hand. This is why the company is so famous, because they don’t use machines and every torta comes out unique.

For lunch that day, a friend and I decided to eat lunch in the Maria Luisa Park, which is also where the Plaza of Spain is. The building is absolutely incredible and it was nice to be able to enjoy the view and the nice weather. Lately there has been some rain, but nothing like Oregon where it is both rainy and cold.

The next day I dedicated some time to studying in the public library. Although we have a library at school, it is nice to be able to go to the public one and study where the Spanish students are.

On Sunday I went to the art museum where, on this day, they have locals selling their own art work. It was really cool to see their painting and drawing of local themes like flamenco and bull fighting.

Overall, it was a nice weekend at ‘home’ and although I got some things checked off my to-do list, I still feel like there is so much more. Therefore, I am very glad I have another semester to explore this great city.

Jessica Calderon

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