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Journals from Seville, Spain

2012-11-10 The Holiday Season Begins

 As the holiday season begins, the end of my first semester in Seville is in sight. Although it is still about a month away, we’ve finished up mid-terms and had our first break, which brought us into November quickly.

On Halloween I left for Paris and spent 2 days there, and 3 days in London. It was a great trip where I got to see many famous sights, but of course, it wasn’t enough time to see everything and it passed by in the blink of an eye. We got back on November 5th and I couldn’t believe we were going to have the elections the following day and that fall had already come into full swing.

Here in Seville they are starting to put up lights in the streets for Christmas and although they haven’t begun turning the lights on at night, I can’t wait until they do. The ambiance at night in Seville is great as you walk through the streets with so many people and Christmas lights will only make it that much better.

A very popular spot during this time of the year is in the center of the city next to the Cathedral since they’ve started setting up a Christmas market. My Sevillan conversation partner told me this is where vendors sell nativity scenes and other holiday decorations. All the different vendors have different artistic styles and interpretations of the characters in the scene and you can find all different types and sizes here. A lot of parents take their kids here to see all the different figurines of Mary, Joseph, the animals, etc.

I’m looking forward to seeing more holiday events and markets here and how they celebrate this time of year. It’s not too different from things in the U.S. in regards to stores putting out decorations and everything, but since there is no Thanksgiving here, I feel like Christmas begins much sooner.

Until next time!

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