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2012-10-30 Travels

  I have recently had the opportunity to visit Thailand and Mainland China, specifically Beijing. With the starting point of Hong Kong, traveling to other Asian countries is incredibly easy.  It took only four hours to get to Phuket Thailand and three to get to Beijing.

Even in October Thailand is a tropical paradise. The weather was warm and beautiful, which made the trip very enjoyable for the people I was traveling with and myself. While in Phuket we went bungee jumping, rode elephants, swam with sharks, and drove along the southern coastline on scooters (I was not driving, only a passenger). It was the trip of a lifetime, one I will never forget and am so thankful I had the opportunity to take.

The weather in Beijing was the typical fall weather that I’m used to: chilly, little humidity, but nonetheless beautiful. The 60-degree climate of Beijing was a welcome break from the still warm, humid, and 80-degree temperatures of Hong Kong. I was able to visit all the main attractions in the city; the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Olympic Village, the Ming Tombs, Hutong, and the Great Wall.

In the almost two months that I have been here I have been able to cross several things off my bucket list. I think that is one of the many benefits of studying abroad. While living in a foreign country there are so many more opportunities that become available to you. That includes traveling, meeting many new people from all over the world, and doing different activities that you have only dreamed about one day doing. One of my favorite parts of traveling through the areas of Asia that I have visited has been being able to experience the different cultures of those regions. Thailand had a much more laid back atmosphere to it compared to Hong Kong, whereas Beijing was much more fast-paced and had a more stressful atmosphere about it. I am always happy to return to Hong Kong after all my travels. Hong Kong has become home and I couldn’t be happier about it.


Cheers from Hong Kong,

Erin Dunlap

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