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Journals from Oslo, Norway - Our Shared European Cultures

2012-10-25 Oh The Places You Will Go

Never in a million years would I have believed that I would be seeing this part of the world. Growing up people, even society, tells you to go to Rome, Paris, and London. Which, of course, people should see. But I am here to tell you, "GO TO SCANDINAVIA!" Stockholm, is one of the must underrated cities in Europe, in my opinion. It is a beautiful city, made up of 14 different islands. My friends and I could only walk around to 3 of them, just because the islands are so big! We saw old town, and the Island where all the artists live, and then the island we stayed on, which was where all the shopping areas were. Eight of my closest friends and I went together, and we had an experience I could never explain accurately to any one. Stockholm has 1.4 million people in it, which is a massive upgrade when coming from Oslo and the 600,000 inhabitants there. Stockholm at first was overwhelming, but it was not hard to get in sync with it. I will say, though, that I began to miss Oslo, which makes me feel good because it means I have created a home for myself here. But that also makes this last month and a half really hard. Its not even over yet and I already know that this has changed me for good. It's really hard to explain this change, I am in complete awe of all I have experienced already. These last weeks are dedicated to a couple of things, working on my 6,000 word research paper, and going to Copenhagen, and seeing all of the museums I have not yet seen in Oslo. 

On another note, my childhood friend came and visited me this past weekend. She is studying in Glasgow, Scotland. She met all my friends and she was amazed. She couldn't believe how many friends I had from all over the world. In her program she lives and goes to school with the kids from her school that went on her program.  That is something I truly appreciate about this program. I am not here to be a Linfield student at another location, I am here to be a student of the world, to return to Linfield with all of these experiences. I have so many couches to crash on all over the world now, and without this experience, this study adroad program, that could never have happened to me.

Laura Breshock

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