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Journals from Costa Rica Adventures Abroad 2012

2012-10-21 Half Way Through!

Buenos Amigos de Linfield!

                The Linfield group is exactly halfway done with our stay here is Costa Rica!  Compared to first half, the second half is going to fly by much more quickly.  We have a lot more going on in this last month and few weeks we have left.  We will be going to Nicaragua in about two weeks, and then we have Thanksgiving break, finals, and then a free week before we arrive back in Oregon.

                First off, I would like to share my adventure at a Costa Rica soccer game at the national stadium here.  Hillary and I went to the game last Wednesday (October 17th) with some friends from here.  Once we entered the stadium there were bright lights and lots and lots of people.  We sat up high, but we were able to see the field very well. There wasn’t a spot in the stadium that would be considered a bad seat, because all the seats are raised so that the audience looks down into the field.  There are two great half domes for coverage, but in the middle, right above the field, there is an opening which reveals the night sky.   The atmosphere at the game was so intense! It was better than a football game in the United States, because at every goal all the fans stood to applaud and scream and cheer for their team! Everyone’s spirits and enthusiasm were high!  It was a great experience, and another thing to check off the to-do list Hillary made. 

                This past weekend the group and I also had another wonderful field trip.  On Friday we went to visit two energy plantations that produce clean energy.  One produced energy with simply water called geothermic, and the other uses wind turbines to produce energy.  I was already familiar with the turbines because we use them in the States.  Turbines look like extra large windmills, about forty-five feet in height and the wind blows the propellers, and energy is produced this way.  That night we stayed at a hotel/spa called Thermo-Mania, which has pools with water from local hot springs in them. They were the best pools I have ever swum in! The water was a little warmer than lukewarm, which was perfect, because the weather was a little cool this weekend.  On Saturday, the group and I got to go to  mud holes called hornos in Spanish. The mud is boiling hot because it rises from the ground near a volcano.  We scooped the mud out with a special tool, let it cook, and painted our bodies with it. We all looked like indigenous warriors! Afterwards, we went to a river and washed off the mud, which made our skin soft and very smooth. Great outside spa treatment for our skin and a learning experience as well!

                Until later!




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