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Journals from Seville, Spain

2012-10-09 Study Trip to Cordoba

This past weekend, the Center had organized a study trip to Cordoba, which is a city smaller than Seville about an hour and a half away. We met up with the bus at 9:00 am at the usual place and made it to Cordoba by about 10:45 since some people were late, but with the Spanish culture, being 10 minutes late is usually no problem. Once we arrived and got off the bus, the view of the city was impressive due to the river with the Roman-built bridge that leads you to the Jewish neighborhood of the city. This part of the city looks nothing like the rest and is by far the most beautiful. We crossed the bridge and first visited the alcazar, or castle. It is very similar to the castle here in Seville; however, there were some places where they had discovered Roman ruins that the castle was built upon, and had dug out the dirt so you could see how deep the pillars went that the Romans made. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to spend as much time as I hoped, but it was still nice to see. Afterwards we went to a synagogue which turned out to be smaller than I had imagined because it was only one room. Nonetheless, it was nice to hear about the history of it and how it was discovered since all of the synagogues were destroyed at one point in history. Now this one remains as more of a tourist site, but there is still Hebrew on the walls and such. The final place we visited was the famous mesquite or cathedral of Cordoba. Inside are the beautiful arcs of red brick and white rock that are amazing. The cathedral is in the center of the building and has a gothic style similar to that of the cathedral in Seville, even though it is much smaller. Overall, the Cathedral of Cordoba, as it is officially known, makes for an interesting experience because the two religious places were built on one site. The last part of our trip included some free time to eat lunch and explore the city; then at around 5:00 pm we headed back home to Seville which, for me, is always a comforting feeling.

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